Ann Beegle

About Ann

I have a unique range of experiences that inform my understanding of leadership. I have had a seat at the table alongside CEOs, non-profit executives and elected officials, and witnessed the positive impact of good leadership. I know being a leader can be lonely, and I recognize the value of a thought partner in helping leaders reach their full potential.

And as an entrepreneur, I understand what it takes to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of moving from concept to reality. Whether you are looking to move up, transition out or find more fulfillment, I help inspire the positive change you desire.

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies, Institute for Transformational Leadership
Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching

International Coaching Federation

What do I want to be known for?
Giving more than I take. Helping others feel heard and understood. Wisdom.

What makes me stand out in a crowd?

When I light people up, what am I talking about?
Their potential. Their unique contribution to the world.

What is my expertise?
Developing leaders. Moving people from where they are to where they want to be. Helping others become better versions of themselves.

What are my core values?
Authenticity. Learning and growth. Independence. Faith and family. Making a difference.

What comes easily to me?
Listening. Being curious.

What do I read about until the early hours of the morning?
Personal development and growth. Leadership.

What do I get up early for – eagerly?
Decorating and other light do-it-yourself projects. Royal weddings.

What do I enjoy?
Grandkids and time with family. HGTV. The freedom that comes with being self-employed. Helping others.

What gives me energy? What feeds my spirit?
The joy that comes from being aligned with and practicing my "why." Hearing a favorite song. Feeling part of a community, both large and small. Being in nature, particularly the deep woods or the edge of a body of water.

What do people compliment me on?
Easy-going demeanor. Smile.

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