Through coaching, I gained perspective on my style, a heightened personal awareness and the tools to be a more effective communicator. I never considered myself as a candidate for coaching, but I found this experience (and my work with Ann) invaluable.
Ann has worked in so many capacities and with so many types of organizations that her understanding of what it is like to work in a variety of circumstances—particularly as a woman—brings a valuable perspective to her coaching.
Ann quickly built trust and asked hard questions that required me to contemplate how I would tackle leadership and management decisions. She also guided me to make some new turns in my professional career.
Ann is smart, funny, genuine, empathetic, observant, trustworthy and supportive, but not indulgent—she will call you out on unproductive behaviors!
Ann leads with trust in the team. She starts from the assumption that people know what they are doing. Conversely, she earns trust by freely admitting what she does not know, demonstrating her openness to learning from others.
I could see the chaos coming, way beyond "change". I needed a coach to steady my thinking, to envision the outcomes I could control, and instill real agency within my team to face the change. I knew I couldn't do this work in isolation. Ann provided exactly what I needed to surface the issues, deal with them and take on the change proactively. It worked. Six months after the transition, I have kept the entire senior team together and gained CEO support for our ambitious plans now being executed.

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